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As I write, the feelings I first experienced when diagnosed with breast cancer flood back over me. There aren't words to describe.  It was something like being belted at the top of a roller coaster, knowing I was about to free fall into "no man's land", but with a total feeling of loss, and of no say in the free fall.  I was frozen with fear.  The look on my husband's face probably mirrored mine.


A friend told me to talk to Karen McCulloch.  I'm sure I only heard snatches of what she said in those early conversations, but there were words like, "your life is more than a cancer diagnosis", "always take your spouse or a friend to appointments", "with every treatment follow it up with something to celebrate being alive"... and many more. She gave me her ten commandments for how to move forward, how to approach choices, how to choose my oncologist and much, much more.  I will be forever grateful.  


Karen's personal experience comes from years of having traveled the cancer journey with her husband. She has unique insights, a first-hand knowledge of navigating the cancer terrain, and perspectives only a fellow journeyman knows.  She hears the heart questions as well as the medical.  With medical she walks beside you coaching with the right questions as well as how to position yourself for maximum benefit from the latest and best in practitioners and treatments. But just as important she helps you make the cancer journey one that celebrates life.  Karen has become a dear friend. My life is deeper and richer because of what she has taught me during my journey with cancer.


If you have been given a cancer diagnsois of any kind, I highly recommend the first call you make be to "1st Call".


~ Dee Dee Schlilt

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