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1st Call 4 Cancer. The name seems to say it all. It is the ultimate resource when you have no idea where to turn. The organization in itself cannot solve your problems or heal you, but what it is capable of is answering questions, pointing to resources, and making you feel supported and less alone in a dire time. It can give you hope and guidance through a period that most people have no idea how to approach. It is a step in the right direction, and shows that you are not alone on the journey that you are embarking on.



We know you just heard the worst news and life is really scary right now. We know exactly how scary it is for you, but cancer is not the death sentence it once was. No matter the diagnosis and the staging there is hope and there is life after cancer no matter the outcome.


Dear Newly Diagnosed...

  • Getting the right treatment the 1st time sets a good foundation.

  • If a doctor gives you a time ie. how many No one knows how you will respond to treatment.

  • Never go to a doctor's appointment alone. There is too much information for one person to absorb.



1st Call Commandments

About 1st Call

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